How To Start An Online Business: Finding Time

How To Start A Business When You Work Full-Time

If you're eager to start your own online business but find yourself juggling a full-time job, you may wonder how to find the time and energy to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, without the gamble of quitting your job first.

In this article, we'll explore practical strategies that align with the challenges of working full-time while building your dream business. We'll uncover effective techniques to prioritize your business goals and create a path towards success.

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Embrace the Early Morning Routine

Mornings can be an invaluable resource for focused work. By waking up earlier, you can dedicate uninterrupted time to your business before the demands of your job take over. Use this quiet and productive period to tackle important tasks, set goals, and make progress towards your vision.

Working on your business in the mornings also helps to fuel your motivation and excitement for the day ahead, a nice change from that dread that usually kicks in at the sound of a weekday alarm. Soon you'll be excited for your mornings again.

Leverage Your Lunch Breaks

While lunch breaks are typically seen as a time to recharge, you can use them strategically to advance your business aspirations. Instead of passively scrolling through social media or engaging in small talk, use this period to research your market, develop marketing strategies, or refine your business plan.

Even a few minutes of focused effort each day can accumulate into significant progress over time. If your job is particularly busy or you find it hard to switch between your job brain and your business brain, use this time to watch training videos or build on your business education in other ways.

Optimize Your Evenings

After a long day at work, it's understandable that you may crave relaxation and downtime. However, by utilizing your evenings wisely, you can make substantial headway in building your business.

If you still have brain power after your day, allocate specific time blocks during the evening for tasks such as content creation, networking, or learning new skills. Prioritize activities that align directly with your business objectives, while still allowing yourself some time for rest and rejuvenation.

If you're too tired and unable to be productive in your business in the evenings, use the time for meal preparation, meeting friends and other chores that will free up time on the weekend for your business tasks.

finding time to start a business when you work full time

Delegate and Outsource

Recognize that you don't have to handle every aspect of your business yourself. Delegate or outsource tasks that are not your core strengths or that can be handled by others. This extends to both your business tasks and your home tasks - this is a secret key to success most people never consider.

Hiring freelancers, virtual assistants, or collaborating with partners can alleviate your workload and free up valuable time for critical business activities. Many new entrepreneurs feel they need to do everything themselves, but this stunts progress and keeps them busier, juggling it all, for longer.

Hiring a cleaner or paying the extra couple of dollars for a healthy ready meal can save you hours of work that you can instead dedicate to your business. The point here is to be mindful of how you spend your time and to recover every morsel of time you can for your business.

Cultivate Consistency

Consistency is key to achieving long-term success. Even if you can only dedicate a few hours each week, make a commitment to show up consistently for your business. Consistency builds momentum, helps you develop productive habits, and steadily progress towards your goals.

Consistency also helps you to keep your entrepreneurial mind switched on, so you can avoid that lost time switching from employee mindset to entrepreneur mindset. Stay focused and maintain the discipline to keep moving forward, even during challenging times.


Building an online business while working full-time presents its own set of challenges, but with determination, planning, and effective time management, it's entirely possible to pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations while still working full time.

By embracing the strategies outlined in this blog post, you can find the time and motivation to build your dream business. Remember, it's not about finding more time; it's about prioritizing and making the most of the time you have.

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"You've got to wake up every day with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction."

- George Horace Lorimer

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