How To Join The Modern Wealthy: Is ‘Launch You’ The Answer?

is launch you legit what is the modern wealthy is it a scam

An honest review of Launch You & the Modern Wealthy program



If you’re looking to make a smart investment in your digital education and considering a Launch You program to help you build your online business from scratch, you’re in the right place. As someone with personal experience of the Launch You product suite, using it to build my own online business, in this review I’ll discuss the pros and cons to help you determine if it’s worth your investment.

e’ll explore the benefits of this program including its large and highly engaged community, excellent value for money, ongoing support, an in-house tool suite, and more. We’ll also discuss some potential drawbacks such as the Modern Wealthy introductory program and the buying experience.

So let’s dive in and find out if Launch You is the key to unlocking your success in the online business world. 


What is Launch You? 

Launch You is a leading company in the online business training space, offering courses to help you start your own online business from scratch. Courses like this are particularly good value for new or aspiring entrepreneurs because they are significantly more affordable and varied in their mentorship than working one on one with a single business coach.

Many companies like this also provide access to some sort of community, which is hugely underestimated by new entrepreneurs who are very often beginning their online business journey to assert their independence and freedom. A supportive and engaged community can actually make the difference between your success in business or never getting the traction needed to quit your job.

You can leverage a highly engaged community for accountability, market insights and for a deeper understanding of new concepts, as many elements of an online business are new to digital entrepreneurs. However, not all companies that offer community access with their courses have a good community ethos, which is an important consideration when choosing a company to learn with.


What is Modern Wealthy?

The Modern Wealthy Program is the introductory program offered by Launch You, which comprises a 7-day mini-course and e-book that teach Authority Marketing, a selling system designed for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who hate “selling”.

With the
two additional mini-course bonuses included in the Modern Wealthy package, it’s excellent value for money, especially at such a low price point, but it’s important to note that if you are brand new to online business, it will not give you the extensive over the shoulder training you’ll likely need when building your first online business from scratch. 

It will be informative, eye-opening and will give you the basics of building an online business. It will also give you an idea of the Launch You teaching style and what to expect in their signature program, where this higher level of training is offered at a pretty decent market price ($997).


modern wealthy what's included? how to start an online business from scratch

What’s good about Launch You? (The Pros)

Large & Engaged Community

Launch You has a large and engaged community with thousands of entrepreneurs at various stages and with a multitude of skills across many different business models, so you’ll likely get the support you need within just a few hours. If you need to contact the tech support team, they are incredibly friendly, thorough and helpful.

Having invested in other programs where community has been over-promised in the selling process, but the actual sense of community once inside the program was virtually non-existent, the supportive ethos and highly engaged community at Launch You is refreshing and definitely a valuable aspect, even though I too underappreciated community as a new entrepreneur. 


Good Value For Money

Launch You’s signature program is very affordable, with guidance across multiple business models from e-commerce to affiliate marketing to information and service products. In the digital education market, you can expect to pay $1,000-$5,000 for courses like this with many companies offering much lower quality programs for twice the price.

There are multiple programs available within the Launch You product suite, with higher ticket packages offering more coaching and more opportunity to learn from others (
a huge shortcut to success), but everything you need for a DIY approach to your online business is included in the signature program.

Many courses teach
a ‘how to’ approach that is only useful one time or don't give the context required to help you actually succeed in your new online business. The Launch You trainings are packed with value that you can access repeatedly for more in-depth learning after the initial ‘how to’ helps you build a strong foundation for your business.

What’s unique about Launch You? (More Pros)

Ongoing Support

There are many programs out there that teach the basics of building a business from scratch and take you through to the launch stage, but that’s where it ends and what then? If you’re new to entrepreneurship, you will likely benefit hugely from the ongoing support available to help you optimise your results after you launch your business.

Live weekly Q&A calls with actual tech support are also included in the signature program, which gives non-’techy’ people the opportunity to get the support they need while also learning from others to gain a broader understanding of what’s possible and gain confidence that their ideas can be actioned.

Most digital courses offered at this price point are pre-recorded videos only, with live calls often reserved for higher ticket programs. Launch You even includes recordings of all live calls so you can catch up if you cannot attend live. You can even access calls recorded before you signed up for the program.

In-house Tool Suite

Launch You provides a bonus tool suite with its signature program, which includes website hosting, a website builder, templates, lots of plugins for security, payments, SEO and many other important elements of an online business that are overwhelming for most new digital entrepreneurs.

The value of these tools, if you were to purchase them separately, exceed the price of the training
, so they're basically free and the financial saving is huge! When starting your first business, the costs start to add up so knowing that most (if not all) of what you need is included brings great peace of mind.

But the best thing about this tool suite is that when you do need tech support, you have a one-stop-shop support team
When using various tools by different providers, being bounced from one tech support team to another is pretty standard, so this also saves your time and effort for more interesting and rewarding parts of your business.


how to start an online business? And what do you need to start an online business?

What’s not great about Launch You? (The Cons)

Modern Wealthy

The Modern Wealthy is the newest program in the Launch You product suite, which is designed to be accessible for all budgets. While it’s clearly an education product and not a get rich quick scheme, the name, low price point and 30-day money back guarantee can attract uncommitted wealth-seekers with no real work ethic or desire to become entrepreneurs.

It’s a great program for those wanting to explore the opportunity before investing in their education more seriously, but the lazy or entitled mindset of some can negatively affect the quality of the community and those that are serious about their entrepreneurial journey may be unaware that better vibes and support await them in the signature program.


Upsell Process

Although Launch You definitely delivers top class education and support for anyone building an online business from scratch, the upsell process could feel better. Significant discounts are offered for fast action, which is an incentive for those committed to their education and entrepreneurial journey to gain momentum quickly.

Every successful business has upsells and paying attention to how a successful business does business is worthwhile. Although the upsell process at Launch You is pretty standard, those unfamiliar with digital education programs may be skeptical and naturally more cautious, which can lead to missing out on excellent discounts.

In this case, the Modern Wealthy program is a good introduction to Launch You and gives the opportunity to see if a further investment in Launch You training is a suitable option for you. Just be aware that fast action is rewarded to help you gain momentum quickly.



Launch You and its Modern Wealthy program have a long list of pros and cons. With a large and highly engaged community of entrepreneurs, the high quality training and ongoing support Launch You offers at an affordable price point, along with its own in-house tool suite, it’s an excellent option for any aspiring digital entrepreneur.

The Modern Wealthy introductory program is a great place to learn more about online business and to explore Launch You at a very low price point, but the Launch You signature program offers more in-depth training and additional coaching for those looking for a more comprehensive approach.

If you’re ready to invest in your digital education and committed to learning what you’ll need to prepare, launch and grow your first successful online business, the only thing left to decide is whether you start slowly with the Modern Wealthy program or get stuck right in with the Launch You signature program.

Whatever you decide, you’ll be taking a big step towards gaining the knowledge, skills and support you’ll need to start your first online business and succeed as an online entrepreneur in building the life and freedom you deserve. So what are you waiting for?

"You are a choice away from a new beginning & a commitment away from a new life"

- Trent Sheldon

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