Starting Your Own Business: How Online Business Is The Perfect Way To Build Your Confidence As A New Entrepreneur

Building Confidence To Start A Business


Many aspiring entrepreneurs think they need to be a confident, assertive, charismatic kind of person before they start their own business…but it’s not actually true. The exponential growth the digital market has seen in the last couple of years, which is predicted to continue, opens up a huge opportunity for you to become an entrepreneur right now if you want to and build confidence as you progress.

Some people do seem more naturally confident, but those people are not necessarily suited to entrepreneurship and many entrepreneurs are not naturally confident to begin with. The truth is anyone can build confidence by creating experiences and taking actions that stack on top of each other and support them in gaining confidence naturally.

Build Confidence Through Experience

Many of these actions require some form of courage to get started and although you may believe you are not a courageous person, you can still find courage when you get clear on your desire. Starting will always be the hardest part and that is when courage will seem hardest to find, but by taking action regardless, you will gain momentum and build your confidence and self-belief.

The first step in building confidence is to get clear on what you really want your life to look like and what goals you’d like to achieve in a year, five years or just at some stage in the next couple of decades. I can’t stress how important it is to be honest enough with yourself to admit that you do actually want what you want, even if you feel it’s different to others or like nobody around you ‘gets’ it.

Part of building confidence is building the courage to be honest with yourself above all else and even if you do it privately by yourself and never tell anyone of your dream, building courage like this is the beginning of building confidence. When times are tough or when you don’t feel supported by those around you, having clarity on your true desire, your ‘why’, will help you to keep going.

Get Clear On What You Want

Sometimes our loved ones need to see proof that your dream or vision is possible or realistic before they can believe in it and that’s okay…but it’s not your problem, so do try not to take it on board. Once you are clear on the kind of life you want, you need to take actions that move you towards your dream. Take baby steps if you need to.

As you do one scary thing after another, your confidence will grow and the extent to which things feel scary will start to subside. This is a result of you building your confidence from doing the previous scary things, gaining a little of the proof you needed that the world won’t end if it goes wrong and more so that it will actually probably go right.

The results of these actions are how you grow your confidence and move into the world of entrepreneurship, at your own pace…the scary actions can even be tangible tasks that move toward your dream of working for yourself. This is one of the reasons online business training programs exist. They take you step by step through a framework to build your own online business from scratch, so you can focus on just finding the courage to do the next task and not waste time or energy researching and deciding which task is next.

Reduce Overwhelm To Gain Momentum

Convincing yourself that the next action is actually important is very hard to do when it requires you to get uncomfortable, so following a structured framework helps you gain momentum and get results faster, while also reducing overwhelm and analysis paralysis. Guided programs are significantly more cost effective than hiring a business coach one on one. You still get the benefit of mentorship and learning faster from the experience of others, what steps to take and what costly rookie mistakes to avoid.

While guided training courses and mentorship may seem expensive at the outset, building your business, gaining confidence and getting results faster ultimately saves you time and money in the long run. If you can find a training program with a strong, active community, even better! It’s hugely inspirational and encouraging to see others work through the same things and should not be underestimated.

Learning from people at the same stage as you also helps you broaden your perspective, learn better and faster, which all contributes to growing your confidence as an entrepreneur. Even if you’re introverted, independent or just don’t really like many people these days, you’ll be surprised to realise just how motivating it is to surround yourself with like minded people. You can connect as much or as little as you want and still reap the benefits of being in a community.

The Power Of Like-Minded People

Entrepreneurship can be lonely at times, digital entrepreneurship even more so. The support of others when you need it might be the thing that keeps you on track when you start to doubt your ability and those around you still don’t get it. If you never knew that structured training programs existed or want to know about one that encompasses each of these valuable elements, check out the free and informative online business workshop series below.

This program covers various business models and has thousands of students at all levels of entrepreneurship, from complete beginners through to six and seven figure business owners, all building their confidence and creating their own successful businesses. Whether you know exactly what kind of business you want to start or if you want some clear options to choose from, this is a great way to build your confidence as an entrepreneur and start your business quickly and effectively.


So there you have it - a few tips for building your confidence before you start a business, when starting your own business and a structured way to reduce overwhelm and indecision and get yourself started in the exciting world of entrepreneurship as quickly as possible.

"Courage is something you choose.
Confidence is something you earn"

- Amy Porterfield

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