How To Become An Entrepreneur: Ultimate Secrets To Success

secret to success in business - how to become an entrepreneur
How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur 

Success is a goal everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur strives for, and deep down, we believe we have what it takes to achieve it. I called my business 'The Freedom You Deserve' because I wholeheartedly believe we all deserve freedom, but we're certainly not entitled to it!

Imagine you have the power to shape your own freedom, and success is not just a distant dream but a tangible reality that you can achieve! In this article, I'll share the ultimate secret to the long term and sustainable success of every business and 3 success shortcuts, that anyone can apply!

How To Actually Become An Entrepreneur

While self-belief is a fantastic starting point, it must be accompanied by a willingness to work (hard) for your success and for your freedom. True success, the kind that helps you escape a career you hate or an exhausting daily grind, demands commitment to your dream to become an entrepreneur.

Let's face it: Most people are not willing to put in the necessary effort. They shy away from discomfort, resist learning, and fail to take radical personal responsibility for the disconnect between their current life and the life they aspire to live.

The Secret To Success

Despite many marketers out there telling us to 'just try this' or 'just try that', and implying that there is a secret that, when found, will catapult us into overnight reality, there is no secret or hack that will ensure success, ever!

The ultimate secret to success lies in developing competence. You may be wondering, "Is competence really the key?" Absolutely! And here's the good news: You can develop competence as you grow and it is within everyone's reach.

With a genuine interest in learning and a commitment to taking action quickly, anyone can gain the experience required to become competent in any area and that attitude will pay off as it leads you into successful entrepreneurship.

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The Illusion Of Quick Fixes

You might ask, "But isn't there a shortcut? A quick fix that guarantees instant wealth?" I'm sorry to say, but that's not the case. Success in business, or even maintaining a quick success if you are so lucky, requires the acquisition of skills.

It means approaching entrepreneurship with an open mind, understanding that mistakes are 'stepping stones', and embracing the invaluable lessons they bring, even if they look and feel like failures at the time.

So, instead of chasing the illusive "perfect" business idea, invest your time in developing your skills. Trust me—I've been down that road, fixating on the idea of a flawless venture. Looking back, it was a total waste of precious time.

Years before I did, I could have (and should have) dedicated myself to learning new skills that would serve me, my business, and most importantly, my customers - the skills and qualities successful entrepreneurs possess that most of us don't even pay attention to.

Embodying The Qualities of Success

Embodying the qualities that successful individuals possess is at least as important as having the right idea. Characteristics like effective decision-making, courage, and the determination to learn from failures and improve each time.

These qualities are developed through experience. They build confidence, are the building blocks of an entrepreneur's competence and pave the way to success.

online business community, learning from the experience of others & quality mentorship are the keys to success in business

Top 3 Shortcuts To Success

While there's no magic formula or silver bullet that will guarantee your success, there are things you can do to fast track your progress and significantly improve your chances of success in business, especially if you're a new or aspiring entrepreneur.

Shortcut #1 - Start Your First Business Online

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey can be intimidating, especially when it requires you quit your job and take a huge leap into the unknown. In fact, fear of the unknown, and of failure, keeps most aspiring entrepreneurs stuck in jobs they hate, permanently.

Starting your first business online alongside your job allows you to fast track your progress, gradually replace your income, and to build your confidence and necessary entrepreneurial skills, without the pressure of risking it all or running out of money.

It's a strategic approach that sets you on the path to success while maintaining stability in your life. Online business also offers a much more flexible lifestyle than a traditional business, so it's a fantastic option for any aspiring entrepreneur.

If you'd like to learn more about online business and the potential it offers for a fulfilling and prosperous future, check out the free online business video workshop series below. You might even decide you want to start your own online business today.

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Shortcut #2 - Get Support From The Right People

There's nothing more disempowering than sharing your dreams with dream killers. Many of those unwilling to put in the effort to create the change they desire end up negative and unambitious, often complaining about everything and raining on the dreams of others.

Protecting your dream from naysayers and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals instead, ideally other entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, is imperative to your success. You can gain motivation, inspiration, accountability and the best of friendships from the right people.

Finding these people can be challenging, but many online communities exist, particularly for digital entrepreneurs. Most online business training programs also include access to a community for additional support, although the activity and experience of the group should be considered.

The training program connected with the free online business workshop series mentioned above includes a very knowledgeable and active community with many thousands of aspiring and successful entrepreneurs to learn from as you grow your online business.

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Shortcut #3 - Follow A Proven Business Blueprint

There will always be elements to your business that you'll need to forge alone, but many successful businesses are built on the same key elements. Following a proven business blueprint can help you build momentum quickly and ensure your business foundation is strong from the beginning.

Online business training programs are readily available and with some, you can earn while you learn. However, the quality of the training should be considered carefully. Large communities generally indicate good mentorship, often with much experience across multiple areas of business.

Investing in a reputable training program helps you avoid common rookie mistakes, and actually saves both time and money in the long run, even when the initial outlay is in the thousands. Learning with and from others at the same stage as you also accelerates your progress, massively.

The free online business workshops below will teach you more about online business and the proven business blueprint thousands of regular people have followed to build their online business from scratch, mostly alongside their jobs.

You can start your own online business as quick as today, but remember: The kind of long term, sustainable success that frees you from jobs you hate forever will always require perseverance and dedication to learning — and the sooner you start, the better.


The quest for success as an entrepreneur is a journey that demands a strong sense of personal responsibility, a commitment to developing your competence, and a willingness to embrace failures as stepping stones to growth.

While there are no quick fixes or shortcuts to instant wealth, there are strategies that can fast track your progress and increase your chances of success, while also minimizing your risk of failure and the consequences of necessary failures.

The top shortcuts for success in business are:

#1 - Starting your first business online alongside your job;

#2 - Protecting your dream ang getting support from the right people;

#3 - Following a proven business blueprint to help you avoid common rookie mistakes and the unnecessary loss of time and money, so you can progress more quickly.

Remember, starting your journey towards long-term, sustainable success requires perseverance, dedication to learning, and learning to take action quickly. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can achieve the freedom and fulfillment you deserve.

Take the first step by exploring the free online business workshops mentioned above and start building your online business today.

"You have everything you need to get you where you want to go"
- Irene Webster

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