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Starting an online business can be exciting and liberating adventure, but most aspiring digital entrepreneurs don't know anything about online business, so it's normal to have lots of questions before deciding it's definitely the right next step for you.

You may be skeptical about investing in a paid training program, worried you don't have what it takes to succeed, scared of get rich quick schemes that are not designed for long-term success, or unsure if your level of expertise is really enough to start with.

I had all the same fears and worries before I started too & I get questions ALL the time! That's why I've put together this FAQ page to address your concerns and provide you with the information you need to start your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Online businesses are legitimate, and there are countless very successful entrepreneurs who have built their businesses solely online. In fact, online businesses have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the flexibility and scalability they offer which can be mostly automated.

While there are certainly some scams or fraudulent opportunities out there, as with any industry, it's important to do your research and choose reputable resources to learn from. With the right mindset, work ethic, and support, starting an online business that's fulfilling, meaningful and lucrative is an exciting endeavour that can completely transform your life.

Don't let this fear hold you back from pursuing your dreams of entrepreneurship!

There are no strict prerequisites for starting an online business or enrolling in a course, but there are a few things you should have to help ensure your success. A positive mindset, a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn will go a long way in building your business.

Since an online business is a legitimate and very real business, it will require hard work and dedication, especially in the beginning, to make it a success, so you'll also need a strong work ethic and a strong desire to succeed. 

Other than that, some basic computer skills (like online shopping or booking flights), organizational skills, and problem-solving skills will also help you manage and grow your business.

Previous business experience, an existing  product or service to sell, a business idea, and technical skills are not necessary to start an online business. A good training program will take you through everything you need to build a business from scratch that's aligned with your values and goals. 

Marketing is a crucial part of any business, and you can learn about marketing by starting your own affiliate marketing business, which means you don't need even to have your own product before launching your business. Experienced marketers can literally set up a business today and start earning tomorrow, so it's a fantastic skill to have to ensure you never have to worry about money. 

Speaking on money - you will need money. There's a common misconception that starting an online business means it won't cost you anything before it starts earning, but this is not usually the case. It's true that online businesses have significantly lower start-up costs compared to traditional businesses, and you can start to earn with very little investment, but for quickest results and a sustainable, well-structured automated business, you'll probably want to invest in things like marketing, your education, as well as time saving tools and services. 

You can learn lots of things online for free these days, but spending hours (or days) trying to find the pieces of the puzzle you need can make gaining traction in your business feel impossible. There’s also a lot of conflicting, surface-level information out there, which can lead to procrastination, overwhelm and indecision.

Investing in a comprehensive training program offers benefits such as faster learning, leveraging others' experience, avoiding rookie mistakes, overcoming confusion, and accessing a supportive community of like-minded individuals. While there may be a cost, the potential income from your online business can make it a worthwhile investment. 

To ensure you don’t outgrow a program too quickly and to get value for your money, choose a program that covers more than one business model, has diverse mentors and a large, active community for a well-rounded education.

Building a successful online business before quitting your job is an excellent idea and frankly, it’s underrated. This enables you to ensure your entrepreneurial success without ever risking your income. Maintaining your income also grants the flexibility to learn and evolve without the pressure to succeed within a certain budget or timeline - especially good for new entrepreneurs. 

However, it is important to schedule dedicated time to work on your business each week, which might involve early mornings or weekends for a while. Leveraging a support network, seeking guidance from mentors or fellow entrepreneurs can help significantly in managing both the current job and online business effectively and reduce the timeline for your business to reach the point where you no longer need your job.

When searching for paid online business training programs, it's important to keep in mind that no course will provide you with everything you need for your entire entrepreneurial journey. You should outgrow a paid program, but not too quickly and there are certain key elements to look for in a high-quality training program.

A good program should provide you with practical, hands-on experience, teaching you the skills you need to identify and communicate effectively with your future customers, as well as the actual steps and support to build your business from the ground up. Ideally it will be designed to support you to learn 'on the job' from real life business experiences and it should offer ongoing support, even after you've launched your first business. This will enable you to optimize your results and gain a good understanding of business, so you can rinse and repeat to build multiple income streams.

Look for courses that teach you about marketing, website development, e-commerce, and automated systems, while also providing access to a large community of active members. If members are sticking around for years, this is a sign that a course is good and it gives your the opportunity to network (for business and pleasure) and get experienced support when you need it most. 

Avoid courses that focus solely on building an automated business structure and are not completely dedicated to your success. An automated income is the dream, but a focus on this alone won't provide you with a proper understanding of the business, provide adequate support for tech issues or teach you the most critical part of business - marketing and customer communication skills.

When it comes to the cost of a training course, you should expect to spend around $1,000-$2,500 for a standard program. There are hundreds of courses available, mostly priced between $50 to $5000, but it's important to note that more expensive courses don't necessarily mean better quality. In fact, some cheaper courses can offer more value and support than their more expensive counterparts. I  once paid $2,500 for a course that had literally half the content of a course I now use instead and highly recommend (that's currently priced at $1,000).

Many training companies also offer a 'product suite' which means that in addition to their standard program, they also offer lower priced entry points (around $7-$300) to introduce you to their company or the concept they teach, and higher-level coaching for those who feel they need more support to gain momentum quickly (usually $2,500 - $20,000). It's worth considering whether you need extra support from the beginning, if you'd prefer to start with a DIY course and upgrade later once you know what kind of support you need or if you want to try things out at the lower price point before you commit.

Ultimately, the cost of a course or any education should be considered as an investment in yourself, in your business and in your future success as an entrepreneur. With this mindset, and a willingness to learn, you'll likely see your investment returned many times over. 

Starting an online business does not require you to become an influencer or go on camera if that's not your idea of fun. I myself was absolutely terrified of going on camera, but it was a fear I chose to overcome so I could experience success in other areas where that fear was holding me back.

While having a strong social media presence can be helpful in promoting your business, there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs who don't show their faces on their online platforms. Focus instead on cultivating behind-the-scenes skills such as active listening, creativity, and sharing what you already know. These skills can help you connect with your target audience and provide value through your business, without the need for an influencer persona.

Remember, authenticity and passion are key drivers of success in the online business world. So, stay true to yourself and your values, and your business will thrive.

Starting a business can be scary, but it's important to remember that taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone is where growth happens. Yes, there will be uncertainty, but with the right mindset, skills, and support, you can get the help you need to overcome those challenges and come out stronger.

It's okay to feel scared or unsure, but don't let those feelings hold you back from pursuing your dreams. Just take it one step at a time, stay positive, and trust in yourself and your abilities. Remember, every successful entrepreneur started somewhere and faced their own fears and uncertainties.

Imagine you're driving around a corner. You can't see what's around the corner, but as you move forward slowly, the view opens up just enough to see what's next. When you progress like this instead of needing to know the full picture first, you'll actually build your confidence and learn to embrace challenges. There's always a lesson to learn and focusing on overcoming your challenges is the quickest path to success.

Things change quickly in the online business world, but that's a good thing for those that are willing to put the work in to build a strong foundation for their business. When looking for a training program or course, it's important to choose one that's regularly updated with the latest relevant information to keep your business running smoothly. Look for a program that has weekly calls or regular updates to ensure that the material is up to date. Focus on finding a course that teaches the fundamental skills you need to build a sustainable business, such as understanding human psychology and knowing your customer on a very deep level. Remember that these fundamentals don't change rapidly, so look for a program that focuses on the root principles rather than just the latest trends.

Yes, you can absolutely start a business without telling anyone what you're doing. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs started out in a similar way. It's understandable to feel hesitant about sharing your plans with others and worrying about being judged, especially if that's likely to deter you, but your success is ultimately determined by your own actions and hard work.

Starting a business can be a personal and private journey, and there's no rule that says you have to share what you're doing with others. You can work on building your business at your own pace and comfort level, and choose to share your progress and success when you feel ready. When I started I told only my husband & I'm glad I kept it to myself until I was more confident in my ability. 

There's a saying I love..."don't take advice from people that don't have what you want". When we don't fully trust ourselves, we tend to seek external approval, often from people who don't share our dream, or worse, people who don't even understand our dream. Starting a business takes courage and determination, but you have the power to create a life that you truly love. If keeping it to yourself for a while helps you to pursue your dreams, go for it! 

Nothing is impossible when you believe in yourself (even secretly)! 

I get so many questions specific to the Launch You product suite that I have written a very honest and in-depth review of the pros and cons of the company and their current programs.

This is based on my personal experience of using Launch You products over the past 3 years.

You can read the full review here.

You'll never know everything before you embark on any business journey, or life journey for that matter, but with determinaton and a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn, and access to the right tools and knowledge, there's no reason to let your fears hold you back for even another moment!


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