Creating A Life You Love & The Freedom YOU Deserve!

Welcome! If you’ve found yourself here, I’m guessing you’re unfulfilled in your job, lost or overwhelmed trying to find a way out & maybe a little (or a lot) afraid of change...but at the same time you need a solution on HOW you can improve your life…right now!

The good news is, you’re in the right place!

I created this blog to help regular, but driven, people like you (& me) to escape frustrating, energy sapping jobs & lifestyles by showing you how to transition into a new life where your work is fulfilling, in line with your values & most importantly, completely on your terms!

A life where you are more comfortable in your own skin & frankly a little bit more in love with & proud of yourself, the work that you do & how you present yourself to the world!

Working for unappreciative employers & not seeing how I could change my life for nearly a decade, I know what it's like, feeling inferior, shy, frustrated & lost. Although I knew I was better than the version of me that was showing up in my life, I was beginning to doubt my ability to ever actually make the changes needed to live the life I dreamed of!

Our Dreams Are In Us For A Reason

But then I realised that "our dreams are in us for a reason & that they follow us around, no matter what new version of ourselves we try to create", so the sooner we ‘give in’ & start living them, the better!

This is actually an excerpt from Mel Robbins' book 'The High 5 Habit' which I highly recommend, especially if you are in a cycle of letting discomfort & fear talk you out of doing the things you know you want to do.

So this is how I’m going to help you get to work & start changing your life!

In this blog, I will share my experiences, lessons I’ve learned & ultimately how I successfully transitioned from an exhausted, frustrated person, employed full time & regularly googling ‘how to be happier’ & ‘how to work for yourself online’ into a successful digital entrepreneur, working for myself at home, loving my life, the new version of ‘me’ & the business I am continuing to build & grow.

I aim to inspire you to find the courage to take action, while also saving you heaps of time figuring things out on your own, avoiding mistakes you don’t need to make & most importantly to make sure you know that you are not alone!

You Are Not Alone!

There are actually a LOT of people who feel exactly like you do - you probably even work with someone who thinks like you! But for some reason, it’s not spoken about & instead we portray a version of ourselves that we think will be accepted amongst our peers.

We do this for two reasons:

First, it seems safer to be the person they want us to be, so that we will be liked & accepted. This goes back to our tribal instinct & our need to be accepted for literal survival, so it’s perfectly normal, but sometimes we take it to the point of betraying ourselves.

And secondly, we think we have nothing in common with them & we don’t really like them much anyway, so we don’t want to be vulnerable & let them get to know the real us because honestly, who needs that stress? It’s easier to just pretend & get through the day, right?

Once I started to talk about my dreams, I was shocked to realise that someone I worked with (who I thought had it all together & loved his job & life) was actually working HARD on himself outside of work to grow into the person who could (& would) achieve his biggest dreams!

By allowing ourselves to be open & talk about our dreams, we found a wonderful friendship in a place where we previously felt like a 'different' type of person to our colleagues & while we both still needed to escape employment, we supported each other on our quest to live much, much bigger lives.

Although you need to exercise some caution when deciding who to be vulnerable with, it is very helpful in increasing your own belief in your dreams when you talk about them, out loud.

Fear is the biggest thing holding us back!

I will talk about fear a lot in this blog as I believe it’s the biggest thing holding us back, globally!

Fear of failure.

Fear of judgement.

Fear of discomfort.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of making the wrong decision.

Fear of looking like a fool.

Fear of being exposed.

Fear of being vulnerable with the wrong people (or being vulnerable in general).

These are ALL very normal fears, especially today when most of us work full time, most of us hate it & we feel we really ought to just accept the life we're living, but in our hearts, we just can’t!

It's Time To Step Forward Intentionally

So if you’re fed up letting these fears take over your life & you are ready to start putting one foot in front of the other to get yourself out of the life you’re living & into a life you wholeheartedly love instead, join our community of Fear Fighters & take the first intentional step into the life you know you deserve & the person you already are.

Click here to join us & be first to know about new posts to help you get 'unstuck' & moving toward your dreams instead.

I’ll be sharing with you tips I’ve used to overcome my paralysing fears of judgement & failure as well as some resources & actions I have found to be helpful along my journey.

In the next post, I’ll share how I got 'here' & the story of how it all started to change for me at the ‘supposed to be settled down’ age of 34. I'll also be sharing with you the most important resource that made it possible for me to FINALLY change my story & show you how you can do the same, if you're committed to making change happen & working hard to build an alternative to the frustrating job cycle, so you can finally live life on your terms & escape the 9-5 grind forever!

Until next time…

The Secret To Happiness Is Freedom. The Secret To Freedom Is Courage.

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