How To Start A Business When You Hate Selling: 3 Ways Sales Can Be Automated In A New Online Business

how to start a business when you hate selling - 3 ways to automate your online business
3 Ways To Automate Sales In Your New Online Business


The last job I had before starting my online business was in sales...but I hated sales and hated telling people I worked in sales! So when I get nervous questions about 'selling' in your online business and how 'salesy' an entrepreneur needs to be, I totally get the ickiness you might feel.

All businesses do require a sales process to make money. Fortunately in most online business models, you can set up an automated selling system so you don't have to spend your time (or energy) actively selling.

Most entrepreneurs don't like to sell & most customers don't like 'being sold' to. They want to be able to buy if they want to, without the pressure of a salesperson.  Here are three examples of using automated selling systems in a new online business.

automate an online business so you dont have to sell
1) E-commerce using Amazon FBA

If you build an e-commerce business using a platform like Amazon, all you have to do is choose your product, get it to Amazon and create your listing. You can market it too if you want (so it will show on the first page, as a sponsored listing).

By taking advantage of the millions of people already visiting Amazon every single day, already looking to buy, you don't need to 'sell' exactly. You do need to position your product in front of them and learn how to do it in a way that converts views to sales.

A good listing will be professional, pretty and informative, with good photos and detail on how the product works. These are actually selling points, but you don't need to actively sell.

You'll need to learn how to source in-demand products too, but the automated selling and fulfilment systems at Amazon mean you don't need to sell or ship the items yourself, which makes this business model highly scalable.

2) Automated Selling On Your Own Website

If you sell products digitally outside a platform like Amazon, this could still be physical products, a service you offer, or digital products (a course, eBook or a membership/subscription).

You can still create an automated sales process (or 'funnel') so your customer can go as far down that funnel as they want to. You give them the information they need to make the decision to buy & based on that, they either will or won't buy.

This information can be all on one sales page or you can redirect them to a FAQ section or other web pages for further information, but this is all done without you needing to 'sell' or even engage with them at all.

You can automate personalization for that customer depending on where they stop progressing through the process. Think about the times you added something to a cart & then got follow up emails reminding you to complete your purchase - that's all automated, but it's still technically 'selling'.

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Example 3 - Affiliate Marketing

If you partner with a company as an affiliate or brand ambassador to sell their products or services, your job is to refer customers only & the selling process can be entirely outsourced to the company whose product you recommended.

Affiliate marketing is more common than you might think and many entrepreneurs who do sell their own products also partner with companies as an affiliate to recommend products or services that compliment their product, but that they don't sell themselves.

This is fantastic business model for scalability and for beginners because you don't need your own selling system, you just need to learn marketing - a skill everyone thinking about starting a business should seriously be considering!

If you've ever Googled things like 'best lightweight tents' or 'best hair products for thin hair', you'll likely have come across blogs or articles with names like '5 best tents under 3kgs' or 'Top 10 products to save your thinning hair'.

These blogs would contain affiliate links with a unique affiliate ID that take you through to a website like Amazon or direct to another store where a customer can buy the product.

If the customer buys something, the affiliate earns a commission and the affiliate benefits from the existing sales process of that company, but without doing any selling themselves.

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So there you have it - 3 ways selling can be completely automated in an online business, and in a way that is easily scaled at the touch of just a few buttons, breaking the connection between how hard you work and how much you earn.

Hopefully this helps you understand why I'm so passionate about online business as a great way to start your entrepreneurial journey and create long term, sustainable freedom with a lifestyle that's as humble or ambitious as you want it to be.

The best skill you can learn to build a successful online business that magnetically attracts customers to your business is Authority Marketing. This focuses on putting your customer first and building an experience that makes them want what you have.

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"Saying YES instead of NO can lead to extraordinary things"

- Janine Allis (Founder of Boost)

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