How Would Your Life Change If You Were FREE...?

Many people are wasting their potential & passion by playing 'small' while they crave a more purposeful, liberating & fun life. The Freedom You Deserve inspires self-empowerment through online businesses & self-development to ultimately create a fulfiling business & balanced life around your unique skills, values, interests & the freedom YOU deserve.


Everyone should be free to live the life they want. The life they believed they'd grow up to have one day...before soul crushing jobs & living for the weekends became their 'normal & realistic' life. Adulting does not suck when you're free to enjoy your life.

For most, the flexibility to decide when, where & how much you work each day is freedom. For others, it's not needing to work at all. Because we all need an income, that's where we recommend you start your freedom journey & an online business is a great way to create that flexibility while also maintaining financial stability & tending to your responsibilities.

However, TOTAL  FREEDOM is the ability to live ALL parts of life completely on your terms & online business can give that to you too!


Financial Freedom

Real freedom starts with financial freedom & unlike a traditional business, an online business can be easily scaled, meaning your earning potential is uncapped. You can easily pivot an online business to quickly jump into a new interest or trend or turn a recession into an opportunity. You can even automate an online business & create multiple income streams, avoiding financial reliance on any single business or income.


Location & Time Freedom

If living & working on your schedule sounds good, the laptop lifestyle & an automated business means your business works 24/7 around your life. You don't need to be physically working to earn & with the right business structure, much of the work is set & forget, so you get your time back for the adventures, experiences & people most important to you.


Physical & Mental Freedom

An online business allows you to earn from your passions & interests (specialised or broad) & to work in a way that aligns with your personality, values & the kind of lifestyle you desire. You can build a business you love, express yourself freely, outsource the things you don't enjoy & ultimately become the most balanced, fulfilled, joyful & healthy version of yourself...all while you earn from the comfort of wherever you want to be on ay given day.

But HOW Can I Start An Online Business?

There is a HUGE opportunity to earn online & you're probably hearing things like "it's never been easier" or "you don't even need to be techy" why is it still all SO confusing?

Maybe you don't know much about business (never mind online business) & although you know you have what it takes, you feel a need to know it's all going to work out before you even take a chance on starting...

Or maybe ALL the choice & conflicting information online is overwhelming & you just can't figure out the next best step. I hear you!

I spent a decade looking for the perfect business idea before finally narrowing it down to an online business, but even then...HOW does one actually start?!

A good first step is to realise that you're never going to see the full picture BEFORE you start...that's just not how life works & it's not how business works either, but this is one of the reasons most people never even try to start a business...

So if you're a perfectionist who wants to be in business, the bad news is...perfectionism & progress are incompatible, so which do you want more?

The good news is...

ANYONE can build a successful online business IF they are willing to learn the skills they need to succeed in business & in life.

Yes, it can be daunting in the beginning when you can't see the full picture yet, but it's actually very achievable, even with limited tech skills, no solid product or business idea & no idea where to start...which is exactly where I started...

I joined SO many webinars & free trainings & still didn't get the answers I needed...because I wasn't ready for business.

Eventually I found a free workshop series that changed everything! Excited that someone offering training finally seemed to know what they were talking about, I signed up for their paid course & learned how to build an online business from scratch.

I've since done many courses (but that first good one was mind blowing!) & here I am on the other side, but still always learning...

I used to think business was just an alternative way to earn an income, but I am building a business I absolutely love & working towards the freedom we ALL deserve.

It's highly automated, so I literally make money in my sleep & I finally found my purpose, meaningul work & my passion for life again.

Believe me when I say: "if I can do this, you can too"...

Sometimes the hardest part is allowing yourself to risk (possibly) being bad at something at first, just while you learn & gain traction, until eventually you're great at it & so proud of what you've done & the entrepreneur you've finally become.

Is it worth that initial discomfort of not seeing the full picture? Absolutely!!!

IF YOU WANT THAT SAME WORKSHOP SERIES (the first, mind blowing one) ...

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